Sayulita, San Pancho, Yelapa, Oaxaca, Guanajuato, San Miguel De Allende

Taryn Baxter Photographer Oaxaca MexicoTaryn Baxter Photographer San Pancho MexicoTaryn Baxter Photographer_Sayulita_Film PhotographyTaryn Baxter Photographer San Miguel De AllendeTaryn Baxter Photographer_ Travel MexicoTaryn Baxter Photographer_San Miguel De Allende_HasselbladTaryn Baxter Photographer_HasslebladTaryn Baxter Photographer_ La LanchaTaryn Baxter Photographer_Hasselblad Travel Photography Taryn Baxter Photographer_Sayulita_MexicoTaryn Baxter Photographer_ GuanajuatoTaryn Baxter Photographer_Yelapa_HasselbladTaryn Baxter Photographer_ Guanajuato_San Miguel De AllendeTaryn Baxter Photographer_ La Lancha_Fuji Ga645Taryn Baxter Photographer_Mexico Travel PhotographerTaryn Baxter Photographer_Yelapa_HasselbladTaryn Baxter Photographer_Mitla_OaxacaTaryn Baxter Photographer_ GuanajuatoTaryn Baxter Photographer_Fuji Ga645Taryn Baxter Photographer_San Pancho_KodakTaryn Baxter Photographer_Film Travel PhotographyTaryn Baxter Photographer_YelapaTaryn Baxter Photographer_San Pancho_2016_Web-6Taryn Baxter Photographer_ GuanajuatoTaryn Baxter Photographer_Sayulita_Kodak EktarTaryn Baxter Photographer_ La Lancha_Sayulita_Kodak EktarTaryn Baxter Photographer_ GuanajuatoTaryn Baxter Photographer_Mexico TravelTaryn Baxter Photographer_ La LanchaTaryn Baxter Photographer_San Miguel De Allende_Oaxaca TravelTaryn Baxter Photographer_Sayulita_FilmTaryn Baxter Photographer_San Miguel De Allende Taryn Baxter Photographer_Tlacolula market_OaxacaTaryn Baxter Photographer_ Guanajuato_2016_Web-3Taryn Baxter Photographer_Film Taryn Baxter Photographer_ GuanajuatoTaryn Baxter Photographer_ Guanajuato_Fuji Ga645

These images were created using a variety of Kodak films and taken on a Hasselblad 500CM (All square photos) or a Fuji GA645 (All other photos)
Photos developed + scanned by The Find Lab
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